Kfz 17/1 restoration part 3: Body sheetwork

This part of the gallery picks up when most of the wood work on the body has been completed. Metalwork like mudguards, A-post, radiator surround and engine hood get restored and added. In the mean time more detailed work on the body continues, windows and the windscreen get added. This is a satisfying part of the restoration, as more and more parts get added and the vehicle is slowly starting to take shape. The sequence of photographs follows the sequence of the restoration, it becomes clear that I jumped from job to job, sometimes welding mudguards, back to some interior details of the body and back to the metalwork. I am particularly proud of making the windscreen (copied to the last detail from the original on my other truck) and the new hinges for the engine hood, made from scratch with nothing but handtools! As the body nears completion, I was still missing one front mudguard, which needed some welding work beyond my competence. It was such a joy to get that final bit back in my garage so I could fit it.