Kfz 17/1 restoration part 4: paint and finish

As the car approaches completion, thoughts turn to how to finish it. After the final external details are fitted it is time for a fist coat of ordnance tan. To start with I wnated it to be a bit different from the three tone camo on the Kfz.17 so I decided for a green only pattern which it wore during the 2018 season. Meanwhile the interior detailing continued, with seats and cushions being fitted.  This also saw the first test drives of the car which identfied a few mechanical niggles that needed some attention.

Due to other commitments the work on the Kfz.17/1 slowed down somewhat after that, with a spurt of activities in the run up to the 2019 season. I wasn't 100% happy though so I decided to also give it a three tone pattern for the 75th anniversary of D-day commemorations. Fortunately I had designed the original green pattern with this eventuality in mind, so it was simply a case of adding some rotbraun overspray. In this form the Kfz.17/1 was exhibited for the D-day commemorations.

Work still continues in preparation for 2020, I will report on this in due time. Thanks for looking!