Lorenz T36 Teleprinter

The Lorenz T36 teleprinter is the military version of the civilian T32 which in turn was the license built version of the American Morkrum-Kleinschmidt type 14 teleprinter. The military version has added fasterers for the housing and paper holder and sits on a wooden base which in turn slides into a sturdy transport case. The Lorenz T36 together with the Siemens T37 were the main types of teleprinters used by the German army in the field. The Lorenz T36 was also used in conjunction with the Lorenz SZ40 and SZ42 "SchlüsselZusatz" to encode the teleprinter signal. 

The gallery shows pictures taken during the cleaning and restoration of a 1942 produced T36 to working condition. The machine is largely complete and original and is a rare survivor in this condition.