Publications and guides

Monday 23rd December 2019 at 18:42

Apart from updating a number of existing titles, I have created a number of new guides on technical systems and equipment. There is a brand new document on the German WW2 "Feldfunksprechers", listing all the different types and their accessories. A major work is the book on German WW2 line equipment, describing all sorts of field telephones, exchanges and associated equipment used by the German linesmen of the Nachrichten troops. Other guides include a guide on the "Transportkasten Fu" and "Funkeruhren" station clocks of the Wehrmacht communications troops. For those interested in a bit of history I have included a document on the radio installation used by the most senior Panzer General in Normandy, Gen Leo Geyr von Schweppenburg. Finally for the Luftwaffe avionics fans I have included a guide on the Patin remote compass system. I aim to add more titles to the Publications & Guides section as time goes on. You will find information here that is not available anywhere else. So check out our Publications & Guides section!