US Airforce SCR-718 radar altimeter

US Airforce SCR-718 radar altimeter

Code: 10316


This is a virtually complete SCR-718 radar altimeter, below some information from period documentation:

DESCRIPTION:Absolute pulse radar altimeter.

USES:For measuring absolute altitude in high-altitude bombing, photographic mapping, terrain clearance.

PERFORMANCE:SCR-718 operates between 50 ft. and 40,000 ft. Accuracy is ± 50 ft. plus 1/4%.

TRANSPORTABILITY:SCR-718 is crated in one unit weighing about 60 lbs., and occupying about 12 cu. ft.

INSTALLATION:SCR-718 weighs 40 lbs. installed and is mechanically and electrically interchangeable with AN/APN-1 except for indicator and AC power connection.

PERSONNEL:Altimeter is operated by pilot and can be serviced by regular radar maintenance personnel.

POWER:135 watts, 115 volts, 400-2600 cycles AC.

The altimeter is in good condition and virtually complete. As far as I can tell only the connnection cable between the transceiver and display units is missing. These use standard 7-pin Amphenol plugs which can be found relatively easily online.