Torn.Fu.d2 Wehrmacht radio gallery

The Torn.Fu.d2 was the standard portable radio set used by the Wehrmacht infantry. Each Infantry Batallions had four Torn.Fu.d2's to communicate with the companies. The Torn.Fu.d2 is a portable VHF (34-38 MHz) set with a range of 10-12 km using CW and 4-5 km using voice communication. A "Tornister Funktrupp d" consisted of 2-3 men (Funkers). The set could be operated on the march, the Funker in front would carry the radio, operated by the Funker walking behind him who would also carry the "Zubehör" box containing the batteries. The range can be extended by using an elevated ground plane "Abgesetzte" antenne. The Torn.Fu.d2 was also used on the Kfz.2 small radio car or could be carried by mules or horses.