Wehrmacht Nachrichtenger├Ątekarren walkaround

The Nachrichtengerätekarren was a multi purpose linesmen cart used by the German communication troops in WW2. It could hold two reels "Schweres Feldkabel" telephone cable; an additional reel could be held on a "Rückentrage" place on top of the cart. This gave the linesmen enough cable to build a 1.5 km single cable line. The card held the linesmen poles that were used  to hang the cables on trees, "Baustangen" were carried if a high crossing point for roads had to be built. Alternatively this equiment to build telephone lines, a linesmen ladder and equipment to build a field exchange could be carried. The gallery shows a walkaround of an original WW2 Wehrmacht Nachrichtengerätekarren showing many specific details. Most items on show were recovered from the Normany battlefields, even the telephone cable was recoved from the Dives river where is was left behind during the chaotic escape of the German army from the Falaise pocket. A few key features make an original WW2 Nachrichtengerätekarren stand out from postwar examples: solid rubber tyres, equal length supports for the "Rückentrage" and a straigth pullbar with wooden handle.