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Nearly complete TR5043 Spitfire and Lancaster VHF radio installation


Code: 10317

This is a vertually complete TR5043 (SCR-522) VHF radio installation as used on late war Spitfires and Lancasters.  The TR5043 was manufactured under lend-lease in the USA and was used in most late war allied aircraft like the Spitfire, Mustang and Lancaster and continued in use until well after the war. This complete installation consists of the SR5043 VHF tranceiver, a RAF "controller, electric type 12" and a PE-94-C 28 Volt power supply. It comes with one complete interconnection cable between the tranceiver and remote. The connectors for the cable between the tranceiver and power supply are also included so a cable could be made up to suit. This is a very fairly heavy item so I would recommend pickup here in Normandy; It could probably be shipped it in two boxes but shipping would be expensive.