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Complete US Air Force AN/ARN-6 radio compass


Code: 10326

A complete US/Canadian Air Force AN/ARN-6 radio compass. Although the AN/ARN-6 was developed late in WW2, it only became standard equipment in the late 1940's and 50's and was used well into the 1970's The AN/ARN-6 incorporated a number of ideas from the German Luftwaffe PeilG6 automatic radiocompass; it automatically alligns the antenna to the received signal, so it was a very easy to use system for the operator. The installation includes a receiver, the receiver mounting plate, a remote control unit, a DF loop and sense antenna and associated cabling. The remote control unit has a french date plate attached but it is an original US manufactured item. Although the receiver was fully functional when last tested, I can not guarantee it's functioning. It is built togehter on the home made frame for ease of transportation.