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Wehrmacht Torn.Fu.f artillery observers radio set


Code: 10500

A virtually complete Torn.Fu.f radio set complete with accessory box and antenna. The Torn.Fu.f was the standard radio used by forward observer teams of the artillery. Differing only in the transmitter frequency band from the Torn.Fu.b1 this is one of the standard manpack radios used by the Wehrmacht ground troops. The Torn.Fu.f was manufactured untill 1942 when it was gradually replaced by the similarly looking Torn.Fu.k. Because of this the Torn.Fu.f is considerable rarer than its Torn.Fu.b1 sibling. The transmitter receiver unit is 1942 dated and comes complete and with its original paint. The accesories box is largely complete (missing some cable hooks etc) and is likewise is largely original condition. The antenna comes complete with base, cross piece (ground dug original) and eigth antenna rods. All the rare parts are there, the set could easily be completed with original headphones, morse key, microphones and 2B38 battery. Repro Anode batteries can also easily be found.