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Wehrmacht MG42 heavy machine gun Lafette


Code: 10522

A Wehrmacht MG42 heavy machine gun Lafette. The lafette could mount the MG42 machine gun and turned it into a long range defensive weapen that could fire either directly or indirectly. The folded lafette could be carried on the back and when unfolded provided a stable three legged firing platform. The gun itself attaches to a cradle that dampens the recoil. An optical sight can be attached that allows for targeting up to 3000 meters distance. Controls allow the elevation and direction to be tightly controlled, the recoil varies the elevation slightly to increase the depth of the beating zone. The MG42 Lafette offered was re-used after the war by the Austrian army after which it was restored as close to the original configuration as possible. It has its original leather pads and all mechanical parts work as they should. The Lafett is dated, maker and Wa.A stamped.

Note: this is a very heavy item (20 Kg net weigth) which will be expensive to ship, especially outside the EU.