June 2019 exhibiting radio vehicles at the Overlord Museum

Tuesday 10th December 2019 at 18:08

After finishing the exhibition we had a day of poor weather with high winds and rain which made the arena at the Overlord museum rather muddy! We took our radio cars there to exhibit and of course do some off-roading through the mud. Mud seems to bring that bad behaviour out of the drivers and soon everybody was trying to outdo each other powersliding through the mud. If you ever want to see a 33 ton Sherman tank power slide around an arena there is no better place to see it. Naturally I could not resist either. It is not often that you can four-wheel drift a WW2 Horch through the mud and soon the vehicle was covered from bottom to top in sticky Normandy Mud (serves me right for misbehaving!). Another highlight were the demonstations of the Pz IV and Panther courtesy of the Saumur museum, although their engines could do with a bit of tuning. Another highlight was a tour on the museum's 18ton Kraus Maffei half track, a wonderful beast of a machine!