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4 May 2020: First of all, a big thank you to all the customers who have bought from the website in the past few weeks. We are in our sixth week of lockdown and we are anticipating a slow opening up in France from May 11th.  The main issue is now the post, for the time being the post limits shipments to 15 Kg and does not allow parcels to be insured. So for the moment I am defering shipment of items that require additional insurance, lower value items can be shipped immediately but incur about a 2-3 weeks delay in the post.  Be safe!


Some of the (German) Third Reich militaria found in this website may be offensive to some. These items are examples of military clothing used on the battlefields of WW2 and are not specifically linked to the political paramilitary organisations of the Third Reich. "Funksammler Militaria" has no affiliation with any future, present or past political parties or military organisations. The items on offer are intended for private and public collections of WW2 military history and educational purposes only.