Apart from collecting the radio and technical equipment, I spend my time restoring many of these unique pieces of equipment back to working order. The German technologies of WW2 used analogue electronics, radio tubes and many electromechanical parts for which no modern equivalents exist any more. Apart from the issue of finding spares and materials, the number of people that have the skills and experience to restore these ancient technlogies are getting fewer and fewer. I do offer my restoration expertise of German equipment to third parties, mainly to restorers of WW2 german armour and vehicles that wish to have an original operating radio installation in their vehicle. I warn my customers that restoring this equipment is a time consuming job and the cost of restoration can sometimes exceed the cost of purchase of a WW2 radio. I always perform an initial inspection of the radio and advise the customer if it is cost effective to persue a restoration or if it is better to find a more suitable replacement.

Restoration of a complete radio installation for a Sd.Kfz.250 armoured halftrack

Restoration of radio power supply for Sd.Kfz 250/251

Restoration of a Feldfernschreiber

Restoration of a Li80 Lichtsprechgerät

Restoration of a

Restoration of a USAAF C-1 autopilot